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Our cattery has been breeding Abyssinian, Cornish Rex, Scottish Fold, British Shorthair cats. The site of our kennel you can not only admire the cats, but also learn how to care for, feed and educate kotenka.Vse began with a cat named Becky Breed Scottish Fold. Before that we never had cats. I have always loved dogs and cats tolerated as "necessary evil", considers them a source of worms and a lot of trouble.But when it became Bekasha, it radically changed my perception of cats. I saw what these wonderful animals, cleanliness, clever. All in the hands of the owner, the cat does not deliver trouble. Participating in exhibitions, talking to breeders, seeing the different breeds of cats, reading books about cats, concluded that cats of all breeds amazing God's creations. Even a mongrel cats are very intelligent, affectionate. In choosing "... what a cat buy", we were guided by several factors: what do I expect to communicate with animals, the complexity of care, temperament cat. Our nursery is a collective, we have been breeding Abyssinian, Cornish Rex, Scottish Fold and British Shorthair. For each breed we have developed a breeding program. I'd like to see animals as close as possible to the standard on what and work. Males undergo a rigorous selection, according to the breed standard and breeding programs.Females of our nursery received top awards and titles, are constantly engaged in the licensed international exhibitions. The quality of our cattery cats confirmed the high estimates of the judges. Recently, interest in and affection for cats, humans are increasing, especially in cities. Everyone wants to have a "tiger" at home.Communicating with these graceful, intelligent and mysterious animal calms the nerves, causing a feeling of comfort and some wildlife home.